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August 13, 2005
Institute for Black Parenting Annual Picnic

BBQ'ers really are the best. Again, they proved it at the IBP picnic. The Institute for Black Parenting is an agency that is dedicated to strengthening families for the benefit of children. Their focus is on foster care and adoption of Black children, but they also work with families and children of all races. This year, there were over 150 people that enjoyed the ribs, chicken, sausage, tri-tip, beans, corn on the cob provided by the members of the CBBQA and others.

Don Grissom was there when the park opened at 7am and cooked a full load of chicken in his Good One cooker. Darrel Rohman brought his Klose and several helpers and cooked up his homemade Louisiana sausage (the first thing gone from the serving line) and also made rib tips. Tom Chilton cooked ribs in his FE100 and had help from his wife Paula and kids. Carol Cromwell and Tiffany Paillet cooked hot dogs on their Weber Kettle. Carl and Verna Kaun cooked Tri-Tip on their kettle. John and Linda Richardson and Bob Novak and his friend Allison also showed up and helped with whatever needed to be done. Ed Bell showed up with Tri-Tip he had cooked at home. The children and their families thoroughly enjoyed the food and it helped make the picnic a fun and relaxing event for them. It's always fun to come out and cook with people that are willing to give of themselves like these BBQ'ers did. One thing interesting this year was how the next generation of BBQ'ers is rising up - the ribs and chicken were mostly prepped by Darrel Rohman's sons and nephew and Tom Chilton's son and daughter. It's nice to know that when the BBQer's of today are sitting in their rocking chairs, there will be people that can cook BBQ for us.

In addition to the people at the event, we had contributions Two Trees Products (makers of Best of the West Mesquite lump charcoal available at Smart & Final), and Grant Ford of BBQ'n Fools (donated sauce and rub, which was excellent on the spare ribs and chicken), and Vic Sessions of Asleep at the Grill. Also, the CBBQA provided financial support for the event.

Pictures from the event
click for a larger image

Dominick gets the sausage ready the day before the event. It's Darrel Rohman's secret family recipe.
Prepping the ribs. Their hands are moving so fast they're blurry.
Prepping the chicken. We cooked thigh/leg quarters, rubbed with BBQ'n Fools rub, then cooked on Don's Good One unit. Chicken came out juicy and the skin crisp. Don has the chicken cooking perfected.
Prepping the spare ribs. We cut them to St. Louis cut, rubbed with BBQ'n Fools rub, and cooked at 275º for 4 hours. The rib tips (trimmings from making them St. Louis cut) were cooked separately. They all came out great.
These are Darrel Rohman's sons, nephew Dominick, and Phillip Chilton.
More rib prep.
Bob Novak (drbob on the BBQ Forum).
Carl Kaun of Holy Smoke BBQ. Carl came all the way from the San Diego area and cooked Tri-Tips on his Weber kettle, as well as making some mighty fine rib tips. Carl is a former California State Champion BBQ'er who knows how to "turn and burn."
Carol Cromwell and Tiffany Paillet of CeCe's BBQ. They cooked up a load of hot dogs on the Weber Kettle that were enjoyed by all, especially the kids.
Darrel and Devon Rohman, Uncle Ike's BBQ. Darrel cooked up sausage and a load of rib tips on his Klose BBQ pit. The sausage was so good, it didn't last long on the serving line and we ran out.
Paula, Tom, and Verna enjoy the day. We had a lot of people come out and help, and as the saying goes, "Many hands make light work."
Don Grissom, Duelin' Bubba's BBQ Team. Don was the stalwart cook of the day, working nonstop from 7 am until he left in the afternoon.
Don Grissom cooking chicken on his Good One. Don is a former California State Champion and his team, Duelin' Bubbas, was CBBQA Team of the Year in 2002.
Another shot of Don working his Good One cooker unit as Lynda Richardson assists.
John Richardson cooking with Don. John and Lynda are always there when there's a BBQ event for charity, or Operation BBQ for the Troops.
Verna Kaun enjoying a rib.
The cooks (Tiffany, Carol, Verna) enjoying some of the fruits of their labor.
The serving line. Ed Bell is making sure everybody gets some BBQ'n Fools sauce.
Ed Bell gives the serving line the personal touch by personally saucing people's food at the end of the line. Nothing like having a 3-time California State BBQ Champion sauce your food for you. Ed's Change Smoker BBQ team had just won a Grand Championship the weekend before the picnic.

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