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Mojave Hot Stuff BBQ
Competition Cooking Team and On-Site Caterer of Award-Winning Barbecue
Two-time California State Champions now available for on-site catering.

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August 2000, Beach Front BBQ in Imperial Beach, CA

Ribs 2nd Place

March 2001, Second Annual Beachfront BBQ in Imperial Beach, CA

Chicken, 1st Place
Ribs, 6th Place

May 2001, Happy Trails BBQ Championship

Ribs, 1st Place
Pork Shoulder, 4th Place
Brisket, 2nd Place (perfect score of 180)
Sausage, 8th Place

Grand Champion out of 22 teams

June 2001, Surf 'N Turf BBQ

Brisket, 3rd Place
Pork Butt, 4th Place

Kid's Q, 1st Place (Phillip cooked a fantastic steak)

5th Overall out of 20 teams

June 2001, BBQ & Blues, Long Beach CA

Ribs, 1st Place (perfect score of 180)

12th Overall out of 40 teams

July 2001, West Coast BBQ Championship, Hollister, CA

Chicken, 5th place
Ribs, 5th place
Pork, 2nd place
Brisket, 5th place

3rd overall out of 9 teams

March 2002, Beachfront BBQ, Imperial Beach, CA

Chicken, 3rd place (perfect score of 180)
Ribs, 5th place
Pork Butt, 4th place
Brisket, 7th place

Grand Champion out of 17 teams

April 2003, Old Tucson Studios Arizona State Championship, Tucson, AZ

Chicken, 1st Place

8th Overall out of 20 teams

October 2003, Gold Coast BBQ Contest, Oxnard, CA

Chicken 5th Place
Ribs 4th Place
Pork 2nd Place
Brisket 4th Place

Reserve Grand Champion

August, 2004, Go For the Gold BBQ Championship, Azusa, CA

Chicken, 2nd Place
Ribs, 8th Place
Pork, 4th Place

Overall, 5th out of 27 teams

August, 2004, West Coast BBQ Championship, Fairfield, CA

Chicken, 3rd place
Pork, 1st place
Overall, 3rd out of 27 teams

December, 2004, Rose Bowl BBQ Contest, Pasadena, CA

Chicken, 4th place
Ribs, 1st place
Pork, 1st place
Brisket, 2nd place

Reserve Grand Champion


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Mojave Hot Stuff Wins Reserve Grand Champion at Gold Coast California State Championship

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